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Inspiration and materials for your own textile creation! Here you will find:

Fabric: pre cut fabric of broadcloth, twill canvas and linen weave.

Embroidery threads: Mora, Brage, Tuna, gold and silver threads. kits: For beginners and more advanced

Decor: rocaille-, bugle beads and sequins that make your craft vivid!

Fun Accessories: Mounting fittings, keychains, bag handles, dolls eyes

Haberdashery: tambours, scissors, magnifiers, storage, transfer pens etc

Pens, Transfer Paper & Chalks 

Transfer patterns to fabric, embroidery and other material.

Marking pencil water erasable prym 611802
For dark fabrics. For patchwork, embroidery, dressmaking, quilting etc. Marks are removed by...
In stock: 19
SEK 32
Trickmarker felt water erasable white Prym 611824
Draw your own pattern that want be erased if you do not erase it with water. Draw your own...
In stock: 17
SEK 68
Marking pencil silver water soluble Prym 611 606
Draw directly omn the fabric.
In stock: 8
SEK 35
Cartridge pencil, extra fine 0,9 mm Prym 610 840
Two white cartridges 0,9 mm and eraser included.
SEK 110
water erasable pen for ironing on pattern Prym 611 602
Trace motif through a transparent paper. Turn the drawn face down on the fabric. Coat the subject...
In stock: 3
SEK 44
Chalk wheel mouse ergonomic
Skön att hålla, lätt att rita länge med.
SEK 78
Transfer paper 56x40 cm three colors
Draw a picture on plain paper, place the transfer paper under the drawing and over the material...
SEK 64
Magic Liner Water erasable
The blue color can wash away with a damp cloth.Test first. I have used it on freeze without...
SEK 48
Micron Pen Permanent Black extra fine 0,35 mm
Fade resistant, waterproof, chemical resistsant
SEK 34
Tailors chalk
Sketch out and erase on fabric. 10 pcs: 6 white, two blue, one yellow and one red.
SEK 59