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Inspiration and materials for your own textile creation! Here you will find:

Fabric: pre cut fabric of broadcloth, twill canvas and linen weave.

Embroidery threads: Mora, Brage, Tuna, gold and silver threads. kits: For beginners and more advanced

Decor: rocaille-, bugle beads and sequins that make your craft vivid!

Fun Accessories: Mounting fittings, keychains, bag handles, dolls eyes

Haberdashery: tambours, scissors, magnifiers, storage, transfer pens etc

Embroidery - kits and material for textile creativity

Dill bag grön
Stamped cotton bag, lightweight
SEK 80
Bayeux Brage Crewel threads
wool, wolle, laine 100%
SEK 80
Dandelion Cushion Eva Rosenstand no 42344
45x35 cm.Creme Permilan 10/26'' with Mouline
SEK 550
Pewter hooks and eye with fowers
Total length for a pair is about 5,2 cm
SEK 45
Wool Embroidery kit pincushion Bird
SEK 265
Textil Color
Waterbased Textile Color for light fabric.
SEK 39SEK 48

Wool fabric - broadcloth and twill for embroidery and handicraft

Twill is a wool fabric woven and then processed in water. The surface becomes smooth on one side and on the other side you can see the wires in the weave. Used for the "Dala-Floda embroidery" in which the threads lies on top of the fabric. Light twill is also suitable to make appiications with. Broadcloth or plain weave is a woven, easy processed wool fabric where you can still see the weave. There are various thicknesses and qualities. Broadcloth is used for the "Scania Embroidery". It is flexible and is used for clothing, bags, cushions and pillows. The thread joins well with the fabric.  Click here to find fabric

Embroidery Fabrics

Linen fabrics designed especially for free embroidery. Aida fabric for cross stitch and canvas for tapestry embroidery are available in different densities. It is counted in fabric threads per centimeter/ inches. The higher the number of threads-the finer/ tighter weave. Choose yarn for coarseness of the fabric!   
About fabric

Crewel threads of wool and cotton Mouliné

Chooset hreads for embroidery by feel and function. By varying the stitches and the yarn thickness your design becomes more vivid. Mora embroidery threads is a thin, soft and strong double-stranded, twisted yarn suitable for embroidery of fine details. Brage fill large areas, is sustainable and its also suitable to embroider on knitwear. Try also othereffect threads like linen, sewing silk, gold and silver threads. Mouliné is made of cotton or linen and has six strands that you can devide.   Here you find embroideryy threads