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Inspiration and materials for your own textile creation! Here you will find:

Fabric: pre cut fabric of broadcloth, twill canvas and linen weave.

Embroidery threads: Mora, Brage, Tuna, gold and silver threads. kits: For beginners and more advanced

Decor: rocaille-, bugle beads and sequins that make your craft vivid!

Fun Accessories: Mounting fittings, keychains, bag handles, dolls eyes

Haberdashery: tambours, scissors, magnifiers, storage, transfer pens etc

Stabilizer for Lightweight Fabrics & Help for Applications

Rigid shim with a adhesive side to iron on
Suitable for bag, toilet bag, wallet etc. Ready cut: 35 x 90 cm. ST1225L Vliesiline, 100 %...
SEK 69
jute cloth 50x65 cm
Sturdy, simple Plain weave fabric for assembly.
SEK 20
100 g wool Attention only ONE packet is allowed per order!
In stock: 1
SEK 45